Udacity Certificate

Bear with me for a moment while I’m insufferable. Because…

Highest Distinction, baby! Hellz yeah!

So ok, seriously now. These are the levels of certificates for CS101, as articulated in the announcement email:

Certificate of Completion: you completed the class, and demonstrated that by either getting at least one question correct on the final exam, or solving at least 3 questions correctly on Homework 6.

Certificate of Accomplishment: you solved at least 3 questions correctly on the Final.

Certificate of Accomplishment with High Distinction: you solved at least 9 questions correctly on the Final.

Certificate of Accomplishment with Highest Distinction: you solved all 11 questions (including the 3 starred questions) correctly on the final, or you correctly answered over 80% of all the homework questions correctly and at least 6 questions correct on the final.

I did not get all 11 questions correct on the final; in fact, I got 88% correct (7 out of 8 questions) on the main part of the final, and 67% (2 of 3) on the starred questions. (The starred questions were the extra-challenging ones. Starred questions were a standard feature of the homeworks throughout the course.) But I did average an 85% on the homeworks. So there you go.

Ok, I was feeling all insufferably smug there for a while, until I actually ran those numbers, and realized that I’m a solid B+ student. Oh well.

Anyway… I don’t have any of my actual degrees hanging on my office wall. But I’m sure as hell going to hang the Udacity certificate.

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2 Responses to Udacity Certificate

  1. Terrell says:

    There’s still hope!



  2. Lynne O'Brien says:

    Congratulations! I’m in awe.

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