4 Responses to Data about the Metadata MOOC, Part 2: Video Viewership

  1. D. Rosen-Perez says:

    I wonder if the uptick in new downloads is due to people who have been meaning to download videos for future viewing all along, and all of the sudden take action at the end of the course, because they realize the course is ending and they don’t want to lose access/the opportunity. Can you tell whether these people are downloading just the most recent video (maybe suggesting these are people with a less than optimal Internet connection simply keeping up with the course) versus all of the videos (maybe suggesting people saving the videos for consultation at some later date once the course is over)?

    • Alison Link says:

      That would be my gut explanation, too. I know that, as a MOOC student with a pretty reliable Internet connection, I generally stream most of the videos online while I’m following along with the course. Somewhere in the last 1-2 weeks of the course, however, I’ll go ahead and download all of the videos to have on hand for after the course finishes. That gives me a chance to catch up on the videos I’ve missed (although I’ll admit I don’t always manage to fully catch up) and save the rest “for a rainy day”!

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  3. John Swope says:

    The reason your download curve is linear may be because students realized that downloading courses made them easier to watch on their phone or tablet.

    As a MOOC student for a different course, I quickly discovered that it was much more convenient to watch a MOOC video on my iPad–which doesn’t have wi-fi–during my commute. So while in the beginning I was just discovering the course and I was at my computer, by the end I understood the convenience of downloading the videos and watching them in between other things.

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