3 Responses to Data about the Metadata MOOC, Part 3: Discussion Forums

  1. Inna says:

    I took this course and it was my 5th on Coursera. Here is for the record: every time I would click to comment on a thread (happened handful of times) it would be locked already. And it was usually on the current week theme thread. Haven’t seen this on other courses fora. Whatever the reason was to lock discussions this probably affected the stats above.
    Just 2 cents here.

  2. Henry Mensch says:

    The images near the top of this post aren’t loading …

    I didn’t find the discussions useful for the most part. I chimed in early on in a few discussions and later discussions just didn’t connect …

    I also felt like maybe I wasn’t seeing all the discussions, but that turns out to not have been so.

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you for these blog posts. I don’t know whether or not you required forum participation in your course. A few of the courses I have taken did require participation and, in one case, that was the only reason I posted. I recall seeing one discussant post “I am posting here because it is required for course completion…” I don’t know whether or not requiring participation is a good thing, but I do believe that the Coursera forum interface could be improved.

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