3 Responses to Predictions about the Metadata MOOC round 2

  1. Gaetana D'Agata says:


    I’ve missed taking this metadata MOOC and have registered for one in copyright that begins next week, but I would still like to take the metadata one. When will round 3 begin?

    Gaetana (Gaye) D’Agata

  2. Abbi says:

    Hi Dr Pomerantz. I’m enrolled on this year’s metadata course and so far it’s been really useful and the quality of the lectures has been excellent. I’ve noticed that a lot of the students, myself included, are just about to start “real life” courses in Information and Libraries subjects, so the fact that this course ends in September is probably a real advantage. In fact, even though there appear to be fewer takers overall than for last year’s iteration, I would say that there are probably more students than non-students due to the fact that this is typically a holiday period so casual learners are less likely to start a course at this time of year. It’ll be interesting to see the final figures at the end of the course.

  3. I have no reason to think this will be the case, of course. But I also have no data to support a hypothesis of student engagement playing out in some specific different way. But that’s why they call it a null hypothesis

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