Publications by students from their Masters papers

Krensky, A. (2011). Beyond the Acquisition: Building Meaningful Partnerships between Academic Archives and Under-Documented Donor Communities (poster). 75th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists.

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Masters papers

Name Thesis title Graduation date
Andrews, Kristin What are they asking and when are they asking it? Usage Patterns of an AOL Instant Messenger Chat Reference Service 2004 Fall
Carrier, Howard Law Library Digital Reference Services and Interdisciplinary Students 2009 Spring
Carrillo, Erin Helping Users Find Their Way: Usability Testing of Subject Guides at Duke University Libraries 2012 Spring
Christopherson, Laura Use of an Ontology-based Note-taking Tool to Improve Communication between Analysts and their Clients 2005 Fall
Cierny, Tessa The Making of a Museum: A Mater's Project with the Saxapahaw History Museum 2011 Spring
Clossey, Brian Service for a New Generation: Implications for Implementing Video Game Service in an Academic Library 2008 Spring
Cooper, Robert Content Editing, Site Developing and Web Designing Guide for a Drupal 7-based, Large Touchscreen Site 2013 Summer
Craft, Anna Putting Web Server Log Files to Work in Special Collections 2008 Spring
Daly, Emily Librarians’ Use of Instructional Techniques: Effective in Enhancing Chat Reference Services from the Patrons’ Perspective? 2007 Fall
Dodd, Adam Health News Harvesting System: A Rich Site Summary (RSS) Storage and Retrieval System For Use in The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library and North Carolina AHEC Digital Library Web Sites 2006 Spring
Dzuba, Tyler The Undergraduate Citation Experience: Plagiarism's Lens 2011 Spring
Emanuel, Jenny An Assessment of Chat Reference Usage and Trends at the Health Science Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2004 Spring
Ferguson, Jean The Adoption of Emerging Technologies by Undergraduate Libraries 2004 Summer
Forster, Eric Future Directions for Identifying and Collecting Open Access Electronic Resources in the Humanities 2009 Spring
Foster, Amanda The Use of Serial Solutions' Summon™ in Information Literacy Instruction 2012 Spring
Gouge, Marianne Blogs as a Means of Preservation Selection for the World Wide Web 2004 Summer
Guhde, Emily The Value of Online Resources to North Carolina Public Library Patrons 2012 Spring
Harden, Melissa Signage and Librarian Perceptions: Assessing the Reference Service Point 2013 Spring
Hoeg, KeAnne Getting Social with Small North Carolina Manufacturers: An Exploration of Attitudes Towards and Perceptions of Social Media for Marketing Use 2011 Summer
Holt, Patrick The Information Society in Science Fiction 2009 Spring
Hughes, Michael The Impact of Ideology on Library Practice: A Case Study of Three Radical Librarians 2012 Spring
Hull, Christina An Analysis of Information Literacy Instruction in the Digital Reference Service of a Public Library System 2004 Spring
Johns, Elizabeth Technology, Collaboration, and Services in an Academic Library: An Assessment of the Collaborative Learning Spaces in the North Carolina State University Libraries 2012 Spring
Krensky, Alexandra Beyond the Acquisition: Building Meaningful Partnerships Between Academic Archives and Under-Documented Donor Communities 2011 Spring
Lemelin, Erin Digital Collections and Social Media: Evaluating Flickr as a Digital Image Collection Host outside of the Commons 2010 Fall
Lewis, Meredith TBA 2014 Spring
Leong, Kelly Adding Value to Libraries While Maintaining Patron Privacy 2011 Spring
Madden, Bridget Online Visual Image Resources and Reference Services: Understanding and Meeting User Needs in Academic Libraries 2010 Spring
Mahendra, Sundeep Native Language and the Real-Time Reference Interview 2009 Fall
Main, Lindsey Field Experience in Library Science Education and the Health Sciences: A Survey 2011 Summer
McCall, Maria Music Libraries and E-Readers: Perspectives from the Profession 2011 Summer
McCormick, Monica Filling Institutional Repositories by Serving the University's Needs 2006 Spring
Moynihan, Brian Finding the Pulse: An Analysis of the Learning Management System Needs Assessment Process at the UNC School of Medicine 2009 Fall
Noll, Hannah Where Google Scholar Stands on Art: An Evaluation of Content Coverage in Online Databases 2008 Spring
O'Gara, Genya Front and Center: The Role of Libraries and Copyright in the Digital Age 2008 Spring
Palmer, Cristóbal Multiple Case Study of Institutions Using or Piloting Sakai 2010 Summer
Phillips, Brooke The Advantages and Disadvantages of AOL Instant Messenger as a Chat Reference System 2004 Summer
Prim, Robert Law Libraries and Facebook: A Content Analysis Approach 2011 Spring
Ramsey, T. Peter Social Networking Services: Library Collaboration 2.0? 2008 Summer
Reyes, Joseph Talk to Me: Information-Seeking Behaviors of Video Gamers on the GameFAQs Message Boards 2011 Spring
Rogers, Adam The Changing Librarian Skill Set: A Delphi Study of "Movers & Shakers" 2010 Spring
Selleck, Brody Examining the Use of Preservation Metadata for the Long-Term Preservation of Digital Collections 2009 Spring
Sherman, Stephen A User-centered Evaluation of the North Carolina State University Libraries Learning Commons 2008 Spring
Sizemore, Jennifer Evaluating Student Learning Outcomes of GIS Library Instruction: GIS Boot Camp for Planners 2010 Spring
Slemons, Megan Design Standards for LibGuides: Does Better Design Lead to Greater Use? 2013 Spring
Sugimoto, Cassidy Evaluating Reference Transactions in Academic Music Libraries 2007 Spring
Taylor, Luther Hill Hacking Curriculum: Leveraging Web 2.0, Socio-Cultural Literacy, and Community to Articulate Information Literacy 2010 Summer
Treneman, Gardner Understanding the Users of a Large Research University's Library's Information Commons 2010 Summer
Trent, Rachel Costs and Outcomes of Piloting a New Digital Exhibits Platform 2013 Fall
Waldenberg, Alison Freely Available and Paid-For Electronic Journals: A Comparative Study of Use 2006 Fall
Walsh, Suzanne Bibliographic Management by Humanities Graduate Students 2009 Spring
Warlick, Stefanie Publication Transformation: Why Authors Choose to Publish in Open Access/Free Full-text Journals 2006 Spring
Weis, John Faculty Input for a Subject Library Collection's Development 2011 Spring
Wellman, Thomas The Transformation of the North Carolina Government Information Locator Service, 1995-2005 2005 Spring
Whiteside, Alice Reconciling Vocabularies: Making Connections between Studio Art and Library Research 2010 Spring
Wikoff, Nora Reference Transaction Handoffs: Factors Affecting the Transition from Chat to Email 2005 Spring