Jeffrey Pomerantz


I recently installed PhpGedView, an open source genealogy application, and am learning to use it, with some help from Terrell. Yvonne and I got heavily into genealogy research back when we were living in Syracuse, probably 7 or 8 years ago now. But then we got sidetracked by, you know, finishing our graduate programs, and put it aside & haven’t picked it up again until just recently. In the last few days, though,.. Read More

Charlotte Ada Pomerantz

For those of you who haven’t heard, allow me to introduce my daughter, 5 days old today: No, Charlotte isn’t a family name, & no we didn’t name her after Charlotte’s Web, much as we have always liked the book. The Ada is after Ada Lovelace. So, if I take a long time to get back to you by email these days, this is why. Good thing it’s almost the end of the.. Read More

My mom is a geek

My mom sent me an email yesterday: she recently bought Harry Potter 6, & she’s re-reading numbers 1-5 before reading 6. Now that’s willpower, man. I thought about re-reading 1-5, for about 10 seconds. Then I actually picked up #6 & opened it & that idea went right out the window. Anyway, she emailed me because something was bothering her: The Ministry goes to a great deal of trouble to keep Muggles unaware.. Read More