MOOC Forum video: A period piece

This Friday, an open forum will be held for faculty members at UNC to keep faculty informed about Carolina’s involvement with MOOCs and Coursera. This video was produced as a promo for the MOOC Forum. I’m posting it here because it seems to me that it nicely captures the state of the union, so to speak, of the public face of this initiative at Carolina. Which is to say, very early days: There are a few people on campus who are very excited about this, but we suspect that most people on campus have no clue.

That said, I wish whoever made this video chose a different resource to illustrate the point that “most offer supplemental reading materials that are also free and open access” (around timestamp 1:17). Because, of all the supplemental readings from my course, most of which actually are free & OA, someone chose one that’s behind a paywall!

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