That Was The Week in Twitter That Was

Back in February, I started digesting my Twitter feed to this blog. Well, I’ve decided to stop. I was inspired by Scott‘s My Day of Twitter posts and Dave‘s Twitter digest posts, plus I liked the archival aspect to it. But after doing it for a while, it seems like overkill to me. If you want to read my tweets, follow me on Twitter. I also feed my Twitter feed.. Read More

Peer review, feh.

I had a realization a few days ago, about my reading habits and my approach to intellectual work. I was reading The Bursting of the Academic Library Bubble, by Steven Bell, in Library Journal. That article contains a link to the blog post DIY U: Is There a Bubble in the Higher Education Market?, by Michael Feldstein. Actually I read both of these pieces on my iPhone, in the Read.. Read More

My Life in Twitter

Inspired by Scott‘s My Day of Twitter posts and Dave‘s Twitter digest posts, I’ve decided to also digest my Twitter feed to this blog. I’ve installed Twitter Tools, and if I’ve set it up right, it will be making posts in the wee hours of Sunday nights, digesting my week’s worth of tweets. Daily digests seemed like overkill to me: I don’t tweet anything on some days, sometimes for days.. Read More

Post from the iPoderantz

Thanks to the good people at ibiblio, specifically Ken, I now have the WordPress app for the iPhone set up. Behold, the matzah… or, in this case, my first post from my iTouch. Which, yes, I call the iPoderantz. (It was just too easy a shot… when I had a Palm, I called that Palmerantz. I mean, come on, with a name like Pomerantz, you have to take it where.. Read More

Breathing new life into the old blog?

Now that tenure is a done deal — on March 10 I submitted a signed copy of my tenure letter to the Provost’s office… see my celebratory tweet — I keep telling myself that I’ll put some effort into this blog again. Not that I don’t have about a dozen other things that I should be writing instead. But for reasons passing understanding I am not willing to just completely.. Read More

I’m a twit

Once again again, I come late to the party… Yvonne has shamed me into creating an account with Twitter, by accusing me of being a Luddite. My new tweety username: jpom. I have to admit I don’t really get it… I don’t care if the world knows my status on a minute-by-minute basis, or even an hourly or daily basis. And Paul‘s often quite hilarious tweets notwithstanding, I don’t really.. Read More

Done with spring cleaning

Well, it took me about a month, but I’m done with my blog spring cleaning. I’ve now posted or simply deleted all of the old posts that I wrote ages ago and have been sitting on for years. My Write Post tab is clear, and I feel the warm glow of a tidy desk. For those of you who have ever been in my office, you know that’s not a.. Read More


You may have noticed that I’ve been posting like mad here lately, at least compared with the past two months of near radio silence. I genuinely don’t know what makes me lose or gain interest in my blog over time, but I’ve suddenly entered the latter phase. I think part of my recent blog-aversion may be that I have a backlog of posts that I’ve started and never finished, over.. Read More

Intellectual debates in public forums

In the latest issue of JASIST is an article by Marcia Bates, which is a response to an article by Birger Hjørland, which is a response to an article by Marcia Bates. Bates’ first article was published in 2006; Hjørland’s article was published in 2007; Bates’ second article was published in 2008. First of all, let me say that I love these sorts of exchanges. First, in a schadenfreude kind.. Read More


I’ve finally gotten off my duff and upgraded my version of WordPress to the latest version, 2.2.1. (I believe I was previously using version 1.5.2 — very, very old.) Most important: comments are working again, finally. Considerably less important: in my copious spare time I plan to start futzing around with some new plugins.