Metadata MOOC in the news

My Metadata MOOC has been receiving some publicity recently, and I wanted to dedicate a post to documenting it. Not just because I have a big ego –- though I do –- but also because it’s good publicity for UNC and SILS. Honestly, this MOOC is probably the most high-profile thing I’ve ever done professionally. And on that note, I would like to point out that I’ve brought more attention.. Read More

Interview with Duke Magazine

I just did an interview with Duke Magazine on the future of libraries, particularly how technology is changing librarianship. I have to give the writer credit, he said that he’d been reading the library literature for background. I was amused, but unsurprised, when he said that he was surprised at how much has been written in the past 10 years or so on how technology is changing librarianship. Anyway, I.. Read More

The future of libraries sound bite

Needs for new library stack up, from the Rock Hill SC Herald Wanda, SILS’ resident PR Genius, forwarded me an email about a week ago, that she got forwarded from someone, et cetera, through some circuitous means, ultimately from a reporter from the Herald. The question from the reporter was very very general, & amounted to: how is technology changing public libraries? And my favorite part of his question: what.. Read More

Media darling

A freelance writer for NewsFactor magazine contacted me at the beginning of January. She was working on an article about Wikipedia, as she put it in her email, “attempting to downplay the vitriol and folderol seen in recent press reports and instead give a better view of what Wikipedia does to weed out misinformation.” A tall order, I’d say. But on the plus side, you don’t see the word “folderol”.. Read More


I got a call in the office on Thursday from Brendan, one of the producers of the Kojo Nnamdi Show, which airs on WAMU radio, in DC. They’re planning to do a show on Wikipedia and the “wiki phenomenon,” as this producer put it. Originally the show was supposed to be on this Tuesday; I got an email yesterday from the producer saying that it’s been rescheduled to February. I’m.. Read More

I Get Ink

No, not a tattoo… I spoke to a reporter from the Daily Tar Heel yesterday who was writing (was writing at the time; has written now, of course) an article for today’s paper on open access journals. He spoke to Paul last Friday & Paul directed him to me on account of my having been on the planning committee for the Scholarly Communications Convocation. Here’s the article: Faculty touts online.. Read More