In which Pomerantz contemplates the mythical Paperless Office

I have a vision of my future. This vision was brought on by the “forced spring cleaning” of getting our offices painted in Manning Hall. Yes, the entire interior of The True Manning is being painted. We won’t get a new building any time soon, but at least the one we’re in will be made nicer. Progress. This painting is going to start soon… and by soon, I mean, apparently,.. Read More

Welcome to the Tungle

As I tweeted the other day, I want a better way to let students schedule meetings with me, but I don’t want to make my Google Calendar public. And I asked the World Brain for suggestions. I got several: Doodle, TimeBridge (including a tweet from the VP of Marketing and Business Development of TimeBridge), Tungle, and simply blocking out time in Google Calendar. I also saw this post on Prof… Read More

More fun with calendars and task lists

I’m still futzing with Remember the Milk. I got to wondering today if there’s a way to sync RTM to Lightning, for which I installed the Thunderbird add-on when I was investigating new calendar apps, but never ended up using. Using my superhuman search skills, I was easily able to discover that yes, there is a way to do this. Unfortunately it’s only one-way, RTM > Lightning. But still, that’s.. Read More

Kicking the Microsoft habit, Part I: RTM

I’ve been trying to wean myself from all Microsoft products lately, by which I mean everything: the entire Office suite, and Outlook. The Windows OS too, though that will take longer to achieve: I’ve already decided that my next laptop will be a Mac. I have technology envy for the Air, though Yvonne has nixed that on the grounds that it’s apparently a chick magnet. This is the story of.. Read More