As committee member

Name Status Advisor Dissertation working title
Bailey, Earl Comprehensive exams tentatively scheduled for Winter 2013 Kelly, Diane Reconceptualizing Search Expertise
Priem, Jason on leave of absence Hemminger, Brad


As advisor

As committee member

Name Defended dissertation Advisor Dissertation title
Brown, Ron 2007 December 12 Haas, Stephanie Information Needs and Use of Online Video by Educators: Implications for the Design of Web Resources
Christopherson, Laura 2013 May 1 Haas, Stephanie OMG! l2spell online: The creative vocabulary of cyberlanguage s(~_^)–b
Greifeneder, Elke 2012 June 4 Seadle, Michael, Berlin School of Library and Information Science / Institut für Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft Does it matter where we test? Online user studies in digital libraries in natural environments
Hank, Carolyn 2010 November 9 Tibbo, Helen Scholars and their Blogs: Characteristics, Preferences and Perceptions Impacting Digital Preservation
Inoue, Keisuke 2013 April 12 Liddy, Elizabeth, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University An Investigation of Digital Reference Interviews: A Dialogue Act Approach
Ke, Weimao 2010 June 15 Mostafa, Javed Scalability of Findability: Decentralized Search and Retrieval in Large Information Networks
Kramer-Duffield, Jacob 2010 July 29 Greenberg, Jane Beliefs and Uses of Tagging Among Undergraduates
Mitchell, Erik 2009 December 22 Greenberg, Jane Metadata Literacy: An Analysis of Metadata Awareness In College Students
Oh, Sanghee 2010 July 26 Wildemuth, Barbara Answerers' Motivations and Strategies for Providing Information and Social Support in Social Q&A: An Investigation of Health Question Answering
Richards, Lori 2013 October 16 Lee, Cal Evidence-as-a-Service: State Recordkeeping in the Cloud
Rodriguez, Derek 2012 May 10 Tibbo, Helen Developing the 'Understanding Library Impacts' protocol: A method for detecting and communicating academic library impact on student learning
VanScoy, Amy 2012 March 19 Moran, Barbara Practitioner Experiences in Academic Research Libraries: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Reference Work
Wilkins Jordan, Mary 2012 February 15 Daniel, Evelyn Competency Development for Public Library Directors