Jeffrey Pomerantz

College Rankings & Methodology

US News & World Report’s rankings of America’s Best Colleges were released today. US News’ ranking criteria: …measures fall into seven broad categories: peer assessment; graduation and retention rate; faculty resources (for example, class size); student selectivity (for example, average admission test scores of incoming students); financial resources; alumni giving; and, only for national universities and liberal arts colleges, graduation rate performance. The indicators include both input measures, which reflect the quality of.. Read More

Object lesson in survey methodology

From PollingReport, a Harris Poll on the Origin of Human Life. This is an object lesson for all students who ever plan to use a survey or an interview to collect data: this is precisely why the phrasing of a question is vitally important. I’m not even referring to the religious or political issues involved here. What we have here is essentially the same question asked 3 times, with wildly different distributions of.. Read More