I’m sure that Brodhead doesn’t mean this as a swipe at the current administration, but I do.

Research woes seen ahead, from the News & Observer

Research is dependent on federal dollars and foreign-born graduate students — both of which are becoming scarcer.

“Imagine the paradox in a world where it’s all too easy for jobs to go across borders but all too hard for intelligent people to come across borders for research and educational opportunities.”

The next step, I would imagine, is that there will be a brain drain of researchers and academics out of the US because there are no grad students for them to work with, and no funding for research projects to support students even if there were. Ironic, since the US has been draining other nation’s brains for decades. Globalization has started biting us in the ass.

On a personal note, this is the first posting that I’ve multiply categorized. Ooh, bad classification juju!