Apple sues Mac rumor Website, from CNN

This is a strange story: Apple is suing ThinkSecret for posting information about the Mac mini, before its release. Apple claims that the information posted

…could only have been obtained by someone who had signed a confidentiality agreement with Apple.

But apparently none of the ThinkSecret people actually had signed a confidentiality agreement with Apple. Instead, Apple’s claim is that

ThinkSecret had induced these individuals to breach confidentiality agreements that they had signed with Apple.

That’s a crime? Being an accessory to breaching a confidentiality agreement?

The thing that surprises me about this story though is that Apple apparently isn’t trying to get ThinkSecret to divulge its sources. ThinkSecret isn’t exactly a blog, but this is edging close to the issue of whether or not bloggers are entitled to reporters’ privilege.

And lastly:

The company also said that it believes [Nick] dePlume is an assumed name.

Jeez, you think?