Davis has launched an IM reference service, using AIM!

IM a Librarian at Davis Library
Buddy name: davisrefdesk

As that page points out, the UL and Math/Physics already had IM a Librarian services.

As I understand it, the UL’s AIM service has been very popular, so it’s very exciting to me for Davis to be launching this service. Though actually they’re gluttons for punishment over at Davis: this is 3 synchronous dig ref services they’re involved in now, they have their own service using Tutor.com, they’re involved in NCknows, & now this. Not to mention their email service.

I stand corrected: 4 synchronous dig ref services! Carol points out that Davis is involved in the Government Information Online pilot project. See her comment to this post. I stand in awe of the dedication to user services this displays, seriously: 4 chat venues, an email service, telephone, and of course the desk. Also part of the AIM service, a recently-launched SMS service. Am I missing any media? If we don’t watch out, Davis will launch semaphore & smoke signal reference services.

On the subject of SMS reference, anyone have any ideas about how to identify a chat session where one participant is SMS-ing?