It’s a good thing I’m a librarian or I’d be totally turned off to libraries right about now. I tend to create a list of books I want to check out, jotting call numbers on post-its, & go over to the library once a week or every other week or so. Today I went to the library for 6 books, & came away with exactly 1. Actually I went to 2 libraries, both House and Davis. And yes, I checked the OPAC before I went to see if the books were in, & it said they were. By comparison, I’ve looked at a dozen or more articles & reports online today (I’m doing some writing), & they were all available in full text, downloaded in seconds, & I didn’t have to go out in the cold to get them. Even the ones where I had to go through the library’s databases to get to them, that took all of 30 seconds or so to navigate. Is this a result of DRA being replaced, & the module to track what’s checked in & out isn’t working right now? Maybe so. Anyway, I’m tempted to ban the physical library for a while, at least until they get the new ILS up & running. I mean, if what I want to check out isn’t on the shelf when I get there, what’s the point of going? It’s not like I hang out or work in the library. I wonder if I could do this, actually, survive on a diet of entirely electronic resources (plus the paper pre-existing in my office) through the end of the semester.