Duke released a memo to faculty today about the iPod project for next year:

The iPod will continue to serve as the core technology to enable digital audio and beginning in Fall ’05, DDI will shift the iPod program from a class based (i.e., all freshmen) to a course based distribution method. This will enable faculty members who see uses for iPods in their courses to build them into their course plans with the assurance that all students, regardless of class, will have iPods available for their use.

Duke is also actively seeking proposals from faculty with ideas about how to use iPods instructionally.

Update, later that day: Duke has issued a press release: Duke to Continue to Utilize iPods for Educational Use

Following a preliminary review of its year-long effort to incorporate Apple iPods into the curriculum, Duke University will continue distributing the devices to students next year, although in a more targeted manner, while also exploring other educational applications of multimedia technologies.

Update, next day: Yvonne is quoted extensively in the Duke Chronicle!