1965 magazine edition a hot item, from The Herald-Sun

Intel has offered $10,000 for a mint condition copy of Gordon Moore’s 1965 article in Electronics magazine, “Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits,” the article that proposed Moore’s Law.

Librarians at both Carolina & Duke are quoted, & are handling this very intelligently.

“It’s amazing how quickly this made the rounds. Everyone is in a twist over it,” said Linda Martinez, librarian at Duke’s Vesic Library, which houses that university’s math, physics and engineering collections. “It’s quite the tempest.”

At Duke, circulation manager Marcos Antonio Rodriguez first learned of the magazine and its new status as a potential moneymaker.

He had the issue, now bound together with neighboring May and June editions, moved from an off-campus auxiliary facility to the main office, where Duke library officials are keeping an eye on it.

“If someone wants it, we will gladly stand there while they use this journal,” Martinez said of the slightly yellowed, 210-page magazine. “We just want to remove the temptation.”

As at Duke, staff members at UNC’s Davis Library located a copy – deep within the publicly accessible stacks – and have secured it, said circulation librarian Mitchell Whichard.

“We’ve not had anybody make inquiries about it yet,” Whichard said. “We’re going to hold it until we see how it plays out.”