At the end of the day yesterday Duke released the final evaluation report of the iPod First Year Experience. Written by guess who? Yes, Yvonne.

It’s already getting some press: from the Chronicle, from the Duke Chronicle, from Inside Higher Ed.

Once again, it’s funny to see how the media discusses Duke’s iPod plans for next year: 2 of these 3 say that Duke will be scaling back, the other says they’ll be continuing the project.

Update, 6/22: Yvonne is quoted in the NY Times! Ok, so it’s not NY Times original content, it’s really from CNET. And they don’t quote her by name. But still!

Update, 6/27: Yet another article on the iPod project from the Chronicle. Brock Read just can’t seem to get enough of writing about this, for some reason.

Update, 7/22: Even the Voice of America!