Bloggers Need Not Apply, from the Chronicle

We’ve seen the hapless job seekers who destroy the good thing they’ve got going on paper by being so irritating in person that we can’t wait to put them back on a plane. Our blogger applicants came off reasonably well at the initial interview, but once we hung up the phone and called up their blogs, we got to know “the real them” — better than we wanted, enough to conclude we didn’t want to know more.

My third year review is coming up in the Fall. For those of you not familiar with the faculty review process, this is the big review halfway between my being hired & going up for tenure, when my colleagues get to strongly recommend to me what I should or should not do over the next 3 years, if I expect to actually get tenure. So… no one should be surprised if I suddenly stop writing this, following that review.

Update, 7/10: Jason tackles this Chronicle article too, & points to this really excellent post on the topic.