I wrote on Friday that maybe some librarian somewhere would be willing to go to jail to defend patron privacy. Well, K.G. Schneider points out what I did not know, that this has already happened:

One of the ironies about Gorman’s comment that he wouldn’t go to jail on behalf of the Patriot Act because he’s an academic librarian (and 64 years old–not that much older than Judith Miller) is that the example was set for the rest of us over thirty years ago by you guessed it, an academic librarian, Zoia Horn, who at the time of her arrest was 54 years old.

Indeed, the California Library Association has named an entire award after her:

The Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award honors California librarian Zoia Horn, who in 1973 chose to serve time in jail rather than betray confidential patron information. Ms. Horn’s experience sets an example of integrity over personal comfort, and has been a model discussed in library literature and shared with generations of library students everywhere.

Apparently this award is brand-spanking new, dating back only to 2003. Unfortunately, I can’t find a list of former awardees, so I know who to nominate for the ALA presidency.