Yvonne & I are heading to Charlotte tomorrow. The ASIST Annual is of course the reason I’m going. But the reason Yvonne is coming with me is that we’re going to see the new Cirque du Soleil show, Varekai. I’m very excited about this — the last Cirque du Soleil show we saw was Quidam in 1998, in New York. We also saw Alegria in 1995 or so, & Saltimbanco in 1993, in Boston. This will be especially cool, because we saw the show on Bravo about the making of Varekai — we saw it develop; it will be interesting to see the final product.

In other news, I’m moderating a panel at ASIST. Originally it was supposed to be 3 panelists in person in Charlotte & 1 by videoconference. I figured it would be fun to do a “video-panel” — it’s never been done before at ASIST, so I would get to show off a bit, look like a cool information scientist who’s really got a grip on technology. But now it’s reversed itself: 1 in person & 3 by videoconference. And to make matters even more fun, we’ll be using 2 different apps for the 3 connections, it’s on a network that I’m completely unfamiliar with (the hotel’s) in a room that I don’t know the capabilities of, and it’s the first day after daylight savings time. So… if this goes well, you’ll find me being extremely smug and celebratory at the evening’s receptions. On the other hand, this could be a complete and utter meltdown. Either way, though, it should be interesting.

Next time I feel like showing off, someone remind me how much work it is. Next time, Jack, write a goddamn memo.