The recent radio silence is on account of the fact that Yvonne & I were in Montréal for a long weekend. She for a conference, me just because it’s Montréal. And how big a geek am I? The first thing I did in the morning on the day that Yvonne was conferencing was walk to McGill & give myself a walking tour of campus, & then go walk around the main library. Impressions: the library building is a bit of a ’50s Bauhaus monstrosity, but there’s excellent signage on the inside. Pretty good seating too — fairly comfy chairs & lots of carrels. Decent sized computer lab. And a really excellent exhibit of illuminated Islamic manuscripts in the lobby.

On a culinary note, I took TJ‘s advice & sought out Schwartz’s Deli, & had the best corned beef sandwich I’ve had in a long long time. Sorry, not corned beef — smoked meat. Little did I know that smoked meat is a big deal in Montréal, & Schwartz’s is an institution. Thanks for the recommendation, TJ!