I’m writing this in a hotel room in Newport News VA. Tomorrow I’m giving a day-long workshop on educational metadata to NASA’s Center for Distance Learning, which is near Langley Air Force Base.

A rather alarming moment this morning when I Yvonne looked at Mapquest directions to NASA Langley. I had assumed — somewhat naively, I now realize — and without, you know, actually looking at a map — that Langley AFB was in or near Langley VA. So Yvonne looks at the directions & says, Boy am I glad you showed me these! You’d have gotten so lost!

Anyway, I’m giving this workshop tomorrow on educational metadata. NASA has a bunch of video content, some of which Open Video has online, & a bunch of this video has lesson plans associated with it. So NASA wants to tag this content with metadata so teachers can find it, & they want me to teach them how to do it. Which is a little strange, since NASA already has some content in the NSDL & GEM. I figure I’ll get to the bottom of that mystery tomorrow.

I managed to convince Ron Brown to come with me on this trip too. He’ll talk about his OV work, & user studies. So that’s good, he can fill in those gaps in my knowledge. I just hope he gets something out of this trip other than an all-expenses paid trip to sunny scenic Newport News.