An interesting side-by-side comparison of coverage of the same event in two different venues:

U. of Michigan President Defends Library’s Role in Controversial Google Scanning Project, from the Chronicle

…a speech to scholarly-book publishers …participation in the controversial Google Library Project is “a legal, ethical, and a noble endeavor.”

“The Google book project is a remarkable opportunity — and a natural evolution — for a university whose mission is to create, to communicate, to preserve, and to apply knowledge,” she said. “It is simply what we do and why we exist.”

Defending the future of books, from GoogleBlog

…a moving speech… eloquently observed that the loss of books, whether due to natural disasters or inevitable physical decay, is a significant cultural loss.

In the recent debate over making books discoverable online, the value of preserving our culture, knowledge and history has often been ignored. We’re honored to partner with institutions like the University of Michigan that staunchly defend this shared heritage.

Thanks to Yvonne and Paul for these items, respectively.