I saw 2 announcements today for interesting new online journals. Two in one day! A veritable bonanza of online publishing. These look to be worth following.


Devoted specifically to the scholarly, cross-disciplinary study of plagiary and related behaviors across the disciplines, articles in Plagiary address the issue of fraudulent contributions to disciplinary discourse communities and the potential (and actual) corruption of the professional literature and other genres of discourse as a result of such derivative and/or fraudulent “contributions” to discoursal interchange.

Yet along with such fraudulent representations which seem to be quite common across various discourse communities, there are also legimate means of derivative expression, and studies which analyze such topics as mimicry, parody, pastiche and the like are welcome for publications consideration.

And the newly-reconstituted Journal of Electronic Publishing.

JEP aspires to document the changes in publishing, and in some cases to stimulate and shape the direction of those changes. The articles present innovative ideas, best practices, and leading-edge thinking about all aspects of publishing, authorship, and readership. The editor and publisher are committed to presenting wide-ranging and diverse viewpoints on contemporary publishing practices, and to encouraging dialogue and understanding between key decision-makers in publishing and those who are affected by the decisions being made.

In an amusing display of zeitgeist, both journals have articles in the current issue on Google: Google Library in Plagiary, and Google Scholar in JEP.