Roomba Red

I was talking with AE earlier today & we both noted that the fact that it’s Valentines’ Day had barely registered, and that we hadn’t planned a post for today. So here is my Obligatory Valentines’ Day PostTM.

I got my wife a Roomba for Valentines’ Day. I’m serious. I know that sounds really unromantic — I mean, let’s call a spade a spade here, I got my wife a vacuum cleaner for Valentines’ Day — but it’s what she wanted. Really, I swear. She’s wanted one of those little dudes for years. The joke now is, we need to figure out how to train the cat to ride it around. Anyone have any tips on training cats? Plus, how can you not like a company named iRobot?

And yes, I’ll also get Yvonne some good chocolates or something.