Watching the Colbert Report now & he just did a bit where he put the Journal of Paleolimnology on notice. And he had Ric Ocasek on the show, groovily enough. Anyway, he referred to this article in the Journal of Paleolimnology:

Nof, D., McKeague, I., & Paldor, N. (2006). Is There a Paleolimnological Explanation for ‘Walking on Water’ in the Sea of Galilee? Journal of Paleolimnology, 35(3), 417-439.

And because I’m a geek, I just had to look up if we have access to that journal at UNC, which we do. You have to love the keywords for this article: this has to be the only article ever published with the particular combination ‘Walking on water’ & Convection. And hey, did you know that the Sea of Galilee is also called Lake Kinneret? I didn’t know that.