And not just because I’m on the Editorial Board. Lili & I have a paper in press in LISR & they just sent me the proofs to correct. And lo and behold, you can make edits to the proofs right in the PDF file.

Please note that proof corrections can now be annotated on-screen, which allows you to mark directly in the PDF file, and return the marked file as an e-mail attachment. To take advantage of this method, please download the free Adobe Reader version 7 (see the attached instructions).

This rocks. And cleverly, they even attach a file containing instructions for how to make edits in a PDF document. This is new functionality, implemented since I proofed my last manuscript in LISR, sometime last December. Of course, you don’t have to do it this way; you could proof pages on paper & fax it in like normal. But this is such a great idea, I wish other journals would do it too. Of course, I’m apparently a wacko and don’t mind reading on screen.