An announcement went out today that the Office of Sponsored Research recently released its 2006 Annual Report. Curious, I took a look. Some interesting data from the main report:

  • Total funding for FY 2006: $593,390,527, a 2.38% increase over FY05.
  • Unsurprisingly, the School of Medicine was by far the largest recipient of grant funding on campus, to the tune of 48.57% of all funding received at UNC-CH.
  • By comparison, SILS receives a whopping 0.33% all funding received at UNC-CH. (Hell, we can do better than that!)
  • The amount of funding to SILS was $1,978,533.45. (The 45¢ is very important.) Depressingly, this amount is down 17.26% from FY05.
  • There were 18 grant proposals submitted from SILS in FY06, again depressingly down 5.26% from FY05. This is approximately 0.5% of the total number of proposals submitted by all schools and departments on campus.

Piqued by all of those downticks, I looked at past OSR Annual Reports.

Year Amount of funding to SILS Percent of funding received at UNC-CH Number of grant proposals submitted from SILS
2006 $1,978,533 0.33% 18
2005 $2,391,369 0.41% 19
2004 $1,621,153 0.25% 16
2003 $1,762,108 ? 11
2002 $1,272,090 ? 11