My parents, who live in way northern New Hampshire, sent me an article the other day from Plymouth Magazine about a point of local technological pride: the information architect for the Lamson Library at Plymouth State University in Plymouth NH recently received the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. For what did he win this? For WPopac, an OPAC app based on WordPress. This OPAC now seems to be the default, and maybe the only OPAC for Lamson (they used to have the old — I don’t know what platform — and the WPopac OPACs both linked from their website, but no longer).

So, how cool is this? To my students, I say: a good idea and a little programming skill can change the world. Or at least the corner of it that you care about. Also, as an aside, how cool is it that Lamson has an information architect?

On a similar theme, Marie Radford has posted a series of two very interesting posts on the Library Garden blog:
User 2.0: Innovative Library Sites (Part 1 – Academic Libraries) and (Part 2 – Public Libraries).