A reader (I say that like I have so many) just informed me that comments weren’t working here in PomeRantz. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the “Allow people to post comments on the article” option was unchecked. I have no idea how that happened; I don’t remember doing it, though I suspect I must have. I took a break from blogging (for no reason other than I didn’t feel like doing it) from August to November of 2006. Looking back on old posts, my last post in August had comments enabled, and my first post in November had them disabled. I must have unchecked that box in there somewhere, for reasons that now elude me. So I’ve had comments disabled for 8 months, & I didn’t notice. Oy. And here I just thought my vast readership had abandoned me. Clearly the lesson to be learned here is that I need to keep closer tabs on my blog. Maybe my first step should be to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.

Oh, BTW: comments are re-enabled now.

Update: A happy side effect of my having disabled comments for so long is that it really cut down on comment spam. And now, more than 2 weeks after I enabled comments, my comment spam is still almost nonexistent. And I’m not using authimage or Akismet on this blog (yes, the version of WP I’m using is too old for Akismet).