Kids say e-mail is, like, soooo dead, from CNET News

This is nothing new; a lot has been written about the apparent fact that teenagers and younger don’t use email much. Indeed, this gave rise to what is probably my favorite headline of all time. But if this is true, then maybe so much for email being the internet’s killer app; that was just a phase. Thus far, chat has not proven to be, as Steve Coffman hoped, “an interim technology which will soon give way to something much more humane like voice.” Maybe the rise of VoIP will bring that about? Paul, always an early adopter, recently abandoned the land-line phone in his office in favor of Skype. I’d like to know what technologies his teenager has adopted recently. Are the speed tribes of the teenage world simply cycling back to teenagers talking on phones (or the technological equivalent), as we did when I was a teenager?