‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’ Is Now Free to Bloggers, from the Chronicle Wired Campus

The Great EB has gone Web 2.0: first, they have a new blog. And second, they’ve developed a widget that enables access to a topically-defined set of resources from the EB. Unfortunately the widgets are by registration only, but it’s a start.

I’ve registered for a widget, though I’m not sure I deserve one, as I’m hardly the most prolific (or interesting) blogger in the biblioblogosphere. Really I just used my registration as an opportunity to do what academics do best: tell other people what projects to work on:

I would love to get a registration for the WebShare program. However, even more important is this: I want to suggest that you should create a widget on the topic of libraries / information / library & information science. There is a huge “library blogosphere” out there, and an active debate among librarians & information professionals about the value of Wikipedia & other Web 2.0-esque information tools. I believe that if there were an information-specific widget, that it would get a great deal of use in the library blogosphere. In fact, as more & more libraries experiment with RSS and other lightweight info tools, it seems to me that there is some opportunity here for the EB for outreach to libraries.