I just did an interview with Duke Magazine on the future of libraries, particularly how technology is changing librarianship. I have to give the writer credit, he said that he’d been reading the library literature for background. I was amused, but unsurprised, when he said that he was surprised at how much has been written in the past 10 years or so on how technology is changing librarianship.

Anyway, I got to step up on some of my favorite soapboxes: the need for library schools to teach new skills, the need for librarians to experiment with new tools constantly, how to integrate search engines into library work, the tension between the global and the local functions of libraries. I even got to steal Cal‘s line that there’s no such thing as benign neglect. So I’ll be interested to see how these read in print.

The article deadline is May 31, scheduled to come out in the July/August issue, though it may be pushed back to the following issue.