Inspired by Scott‘s My Day of Twitter posts and Dave‘s Twitter digest posts, I’ve decided to also digest my Twitter feed to this blog. I’ve installed Twitter Tools, and if I’ve set it up right, it will be making posts in the wee hours of Sunday nights, digesting my week’s worth of tweets. Daily digests seemed like overkill to me: I don’t tweet anything on some days, sometimes for days in a row. Bursty tweeting?

Because apparently I’m an archivist at heart, though, I couldn’t just start posting my tweets here. No, I felt compelled to archive my entire tweet corpus. So I used Tweetake to download all of my tweets going back to day one, back on 14 April 2008. I thought of copying & pasting the entire corpus into a post, but figured it would be way way way too long, and no one would want to read it anyway. Then I thought I’d make it a page, but there seems to be a size limit in WordPress, so it won’t let me compose a page that long. So I’ve just posted the CSV that Tweetake gave me, here. (It’s a tab-delimited CSV, is that an oxymoron?) Not that I expect anyone to ever read it. But I had to satisfy my inner packrat.