• No Tarheels allowed? Not sure what this sign is supposed to mean. http://yfrog.com/jdjlpj #
  • Dear Mr Defoe: 95% of Robinson Crusoe leads up to or takes place on his island. Then it ends with a battle against wolves, in France? WTF? #
  • Dear Daniel Defoe: Crusoe is on his island for 20 years and bubkes happens. Then in his last 3 years it turns into Grand Central? Really? #
  • Bought fish at Ocracoke Seafood. Asked what's local. Was told the tuna came from Hatteras. I love that 17 miles does not count as local. #
  • Does anyone know what percent of beach sand is rock vs crushed shells vs other stuff? #
  • @coxn @lazyphiphi Move to Exchange apparently also comes w/ new policy: No fwding to external accts. All email must be on UNC servers. in reply to coxn #
  • The Ocracoke Coffee Company totally has my number: http://yfrog.com/1rmeoj #
  • An amusingly 21st century condition: This house on Ocracoke has WiFi but no cell reception. #

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