Back in February, I started digesting my Twitter feed to this blog. Well, I’ve decided to stop.

I was inspired by Scott‘s My Day of Twitter posts and Dave‘s Twitter digest posts, plus I liked the archival aspect to it. But after doing it for a while, it seems like overkill to me. If you want to read my tweets, follow me on Twitter. I also feed my Twitter feed to my Facebook profile; you could friend me there if you were interested.

Terrell recently gave me some flak about how weird and untenable my position re my own privacy was, that I have a protected Twitter account, a fairly locked-down Facebook profile, and yet feed my Tweets to a public blog. Admittedly, that is a silly combination. But my Twitter account is protected more to avoid spam followers than to actually protect my privacy. And my Facebook account is locked down because, well, Facebook annoys me and I want to give them as little as possible. So it was never really about protecting my own privacy anyway.

No, I’m going to stop feeding my Tweets to this blog because I’ve stopped believing that this is the appropriate venue for them. This blog has mostly been, for me, a venue for medium- to long-form writing, separate from my professional long-form writing. And tweets are most definitely not that. Also, posting weekly updates is a pretty lousy way to archive my tweetstream. I’ll just continue to use Tweetake to download my tweet corpus periodically. Also, I follow both Scott and Dave on Twitter, so I don’t do more than skim their Twitter-feed blog posts anyway, to see if they wrote something interesting that I missed. I imagine that my dear readers (both of you) do the same.

So there you are. The end of a (short) era. Chalk it up to experimentation. I’ve done far sillier things in the name of experimentation, believe you me.