As you probably already know, if you know me well enough that you’re following my blog, we’ve moved to Seattle. And you probably also know that I’m still employed by UNC, but obviously doing everything remotely. Well, part of the arrangement that my dean and I worked out, for the duration of this academic year, is that I will report back about being remote. What is the impact on the job of being a faculty member, to be remote from campus for an extended period? On the one hand, I’m not the first faculty member to be in this position: other schools, our peer programs at other institutions even, have policies that address this situation. On the other hand, this is new for SILS, though I suspect it will only become more common in the future. Then the question becomes, what can the School learn from my experience? So I will post updates here about my observations on being remote from my home institution. I won’t try to be systematic about it at first; I’ll just post about things as they strike me. I’ll sort it out later & see what lessons I can extract from it all.