The old home town

My home town of Newton, MA was rated the safest city in the US. And for the second time, no less! What I think is funny is that this CNN article focuses on the list of most dangerous cities; I suppose a low crime rate just isn’t interesting. It makes me wonder though, what the crime rate in Newton actually is. According to the rating organization‘s executive summary: the “Safest.. Read More

Oh, you thought you were paying for original content?

Well this is one way to beef up the ol’ citation count. Too bad the authors didn’t know it was happening. I tell you, you sign away your copyright and publishers think they can just walk all over you. But the quote of the day is this: “If something like this were to happen with a publisher that has had a sterling reputation, then it is my belief that we.. Read More

Scope note

This is a test. I’ve been talking with Fred about the Lyceum project for a while now, and blogs have taken on a role in my research agenda (a back-burner role, admittedly, but still). And yet I’ve never blogged. (Kristina objects to the word “blogger,” so I apologize for using the word “blogged,” but she has yet to suggest an alternative term, so I remain a philistine). Joe Janes wrote.. Read More