The old home town

My home town of Newton, MA was rated the safest city in the US. And for the second time, no less! What I think is funny is that this CNN article focuses on the list of most dangerous cities; I suppose a low crime rate just isn’t interesting. It makes me wonder though, what the crime rate in Newton actually is. According to the rating organization‘s executive summary: the “Safest.. Read More

Scope note

This is a test. I’ve been talking with Fred about the Lyceum project for a while now, and blogs have taken on a role in my research agenda (a back-burner role, admittedly, but still). And yet I’ve never blogged. (Kristina objects to the word “blogger,” so I apologize for using the word “blogged,” but she has yet to suggest an alternative term, so I remain a philistine). Joe Janes wrote.. Read More