Jon Stewart un-banned

It’s gratifying that the chairman of the library board of trustees has a firm grasp on the purpose of libraries: “We don’t decide for the community whether to read this book or not, but whether to make it available.” Library board puts Jon Stewart’s book back on shelves, from CNN

Study of the impact of the internet on library use

The IMLS has funded the University at Buffalo School of Informatics to conduct a follow-up to a study of the impact of the internet on library use. “At that time, we found that 55 percent of the library users surveyed had Internet access at home,” D’Elia says, “so it was clear that use of the two information sources was not an either-or proposition. Internet users also use the library rather.. Read More


I experienced a bit of manual trackback yesterday, as I followed a trail of links that started with this post from BoingBoing, to this op-ed by Larry Sanger, and finally to this response by Clay Shirky. Shirky writes about expertise, and Sanger would have us believe that the wikipedia crew thinks about expertise as if it were a bad thing. Not just with a lack of respect, what Sanger refers.. Read More

NC libraries rock

I don’t know Brenda Stephens, but she’s the director of the Hyconeechee regional library system and the N.C. Association of Regional Library Directors has named her the library director of the year for 2004. I thought this would make a nice follow-up to Paul’s CHampion Library post. Librarian does what it takes, from the Chapel Hill News And how cool is it that her first library job was driving a.. Read More