Transactive memory

I just finished The Tipping Point. You know I think it’s a good book if I keep a page of notes tucked into it while I’m reading it. (I think there has only ever been one work of fiction that I’ve done this with, & that was Snow Crash.) Anyway, my Tipping Points notes will keep me in blog entries for a while. Gladwell writes in chapter 5, the chapter.. Read More

Connectors = Boundary Objects?

I’m reading The Tipping Point & I just finished the chapter on Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen. A couple of ideas occurred to me, & here’s where I hope that some poor PhD student in search of a dissertation topic is reading this. Question: In what ways are Connectors like Boundary Objects? What can we learn about Connectors by treating them like Boundary Objects, and vice versa? Question, inspired by my.. Read More

Glad to see Gladwell

I went to see Malcolm Gladwell give a talk last night, on his book tour in support of Blink. (Hosted by the Regulator, held at Duke’s Sanford Institute of Public Policy.) I found out about this about 2 hours before the event so I almost didn’t go, but I’m glad I did. First of all, he’s a very entertaining speaker. He speaks like he writes, in a way: lots of.. Read More