It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future

The Internet’s Future? It Depends on Whom You Ask, from the NY Times Some interesting quotes: Some of the more cherished notions of the Internet age – that it isolates people from real-world interaction, for instance, or that people use the Web to find reinforcement for their political views and filter out opposing ones – generate deeply divided views among the specialists. Some 42 percent of respondents agreed with the.. Read More

2004 cybercrime retrospective

Cyber crime booms in 2004, from BBC Interesting excerpts: The count of known viruses broke the 100,000 barrier and the number of new viruses grew by more than 50%. One of the biggest changes of 2004 was the waning influence of the boy hackers keen to make a name by writing a fast-spreading virus … 2004 saw a significant rise in criminal use of malicious programs. … This change in.. Read More

Radio Free Me

Yvonne pretty frequently has these great ideas that sound goofy when she has them but prescient about six months later… and here’s the latest one. A few weeks after the launch of Duke’s iPod project, and after seeing a bunch of Apple’s TV ads – you know, the ones with the silhouetted people dancing around with iPods on and those distinctive white cords flailing all over the place – Yvonne.. Read More