LMS Bingo

I realized yesterday that in my long and storied career in academia, I’ve taught with a pretty fair cross-section of learning management systems. And then, because I’m just that compulsive, I started to try to count them. So for your edification… or maybe for my own amusement… here’s that list. WebCT: I cut my teeth on this LMS, way back as a doctoral student at Syracuse University. I used it.. Read More

Parsing WordPress URLs for fun and profit

I’m writing this post at Yvonne’s urging, as she suggested that this might be of broader interest than just me feeling pleased with myself and bragging to her. What monumental achievement have I achieved? Only this: I’ve just made my grading easier, by figuring out how to parse WordPress URLs. Oh BTW, by way of background: I use WordPress as my courseware platform, almost exclusively. About the only thing I.. Read More