Blogs vs. CNN

I read this story the other dayand it’s been kicking around in my head since. I can’t decide if I think this is a demonstration of why mainstream media is useless or necessary. Blogs Provide Raw Details From Scene of the Disaster, from the NY Times On the one hand, mainstream media outlets will have what, one or a few correspondents in any given nation? I mean, honestly, how many.. Read More

Boston is not for sissies

God, I love my hometown. “Boston is for people who can grasp a mental map,” said Gail Sullivan, a Jamaica Plain architect and planner, talking to City Weekly last April. “It’s not for sissies.” And just because I’ve never included an image in a post yet, here’s the most feared map in Boston: You said it, we heard it, here’s proof, from The Globe (what, like there’s another one?)