Hacking NASA

I’m a little behind in my reading of Nature News, so I only just read this article from mid-January: Amateurs beat space agencies to Titan pictures. A group of enthusiastic amateurs managed to process raw images of Titan from the Huygens probe faster that any of the giant space agencies in charge of the mission. This is remarkably timely, since just a couple of days ago I read chapter 3.. Read More

A Research Agenda on Open-Access Publishing

The Reality of Open-Access Journal Articles, from The Chronicle of Higher Education Cutting right to the chase: It is time to move beyond rehashing tired arguments about whether open access poses a threat to publishers, professional societies, or research budgets. We should begin to discuss how best to use what open access gives us: the unfettered availability of scholarly literature. The authors, from PLoS, practically spell out a research agenda… Read More