Distributed computing pays off: An eye surgeon in Germany has discovered the world’s largest known prime number – or at least his computer did. The surgeon, Dr. Martin Nowak of Michelfeld, is among thousands of participants in the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, one of several big projects that tap idle computers worldwide. Now, Can You Find Its Square Root?, from the NY Times Here’s the GIMPS site itself. Me,.. Read More

Manga on the PSP

I wrote the other day, in my fit of pique, that I want my graphic novels on paper, but most of my other reading materials electronically. Well, I take it back: I’ll take my graphic novels electronically too, thank you. Manga and eBooks on Your PSP, from Gizmodo And the article from 1UP.com that Gizmodo was reporting on. Not that I have a PlayStation Portable, of course, and I really.. Read More