The problem of purpose

Another post to the Dig_Ref listserv yesterday included a link to this: Do Libraries Still Matter?, from the Carnegie Reporter This article is a trip through the history of libraries in the US, focusing, appropriately, on Carnegie libraries, and discussing “the problem of purpose” of the public library: to educate & uplift the proletariat or to provide pleasure reading to the middle class? Considering the role of libraries in the.. Read More

VRD 2005 Conference: Call for Proposals

A post to the Dig_Ref listserv yesterday announced the Call for Proposals for Papers and Presentations for the VRD 2005 Conference: The VRD 7th Annual Reference Conference Recognizing the Success of Reference November 14-15, 2005 San Francisco, CA The VRD conference explores all aspects of reference service in a broad range of contexts, including libraries and information centers, government, business, education, and other industry sectors or organizations. The theme of.. Read More