Microsoft’s answer to Wikipedia

Encarta encyclopedia tests edit system, from AP Microsoft Corp.’s Encarta encyclopedia is testing a system that lets everyone be an editor – in theory at least. Readers can suggest edits or additions to entries, although the changes are vetted by editors before they reach the page. Encarta is not requiring such novice editors to identify themselves, said Gary Alt, Encarta’s editorial director. But it is asking them to reveal the.. Read More

Film “sanitizer”

Now on DVD: The Sanitizer’s Cut, from the WaPo Ray Lines is one of the most prolific film editors working today. …the directors whose work he edits haven’t authorized him to touch their films, and often have no idea that he’s cutting dialogue and sometimes whole scenes. Lines is a film “sanitizer,” one of a new kind of independent and self-proclaimed “family-friendly” editors who delete scenes containing sexuality, violence or.. Read More